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The Wicked Series
Wicked Deceptions
American born Carissa Camden has never followed the rules.  When her brother discovers her stealing kisses with the overseer’s son on their family plantation in Savannah, her father has no choice but to fulfill her mother’s dying wish. He sends her to England for her introduction to London society sponsored by her aunt, the Duchess of Glastonshire, in order to find her a suitable match. Accompanied by her brother, Carissa arrives in London, and the two find themselves amongst the upper echelons of British aristocracy, the haut ton. 

Carissa, who makes it quite clear she has no interest in marriage, soon encounters the notorious Blaine Stuart, the Earl of Braxton.  An infamous lover rumored to have slept with more women than Casanova and the epitome of male perfection, Blaine is always ready to practice his art of seduction on any woman unless she is a virgin.  Carissa, however, is soon convinced that Braxton will be the perfect partner for her plan to prevent an unwanted marriage and gain her freedom so she can return to her homeland.

Wicked is the sensual story of undeniable passion between lovers from disparate worlds.  Caught up in a tangle of charades, schemes, and betrayals, they find their happiness threatened by heartbreak and loss.  Will their love survive?  Please let me know, if you would like to read more about Carissa and Blaine.

Wicked Lies

Brenna, Lady Hotchley, a widow at twenty, has no intention of being the cat’s paw in yet another of her father’s lying schemes.  Her father might have chosen one husband for her, but she does not intend for him to choose another.  If there is one thing she’s learned during four miserable years of marriage to a vile, evil man, it is survival, and she is no longer the submissive daughter. 


Philip Drake, Marquis of Harrington, reigns supreme as the haut ton’s most decadent lover.  Although pressed by his parents to settle down and make a good match, Philip has no desire to marry and plans to retain his independence and freedom, his clandestine duties as spymaster not conducive to a successful venture into matrimony.  And there are so many women to love. 


Life is going quite well, until Philip meets Brenna and the two become entangled in a plot to help her escape her newest antiquated suitor sent by her father, and the two engage in a mission raging with danger and desire.  As their passion for each other grows, will true love claim its latest victory?  Or will past lies destroy them both?